First Prize is Nothing

by Jim Kirker


About Author

Born and raised in Norwich, Connecticut, in the shadows of the submarine base in Groton, Jim Kirker has enjoyed a lifetime association with submariners of all ranks. Those friends and their stories have provided him with a unique insight into the submarine force of the Cold War era.

"First Prize is Nothing: The Marion Incident" is the genesis of those associations and friendships.

He is a graduate of St. Bonaventure University and the University of Notre Dame Law School. In 1997, as a long time student of Irish history and folklore he fulfilled a lifetime ambition by creating the refreshing and inspirational story of Shamus O'Malley in a children's book published by Plymouth Proclamation Press of Plymouth, Michigan titled "The Adventures of Shamus O'Malley-The Prophecy of Light", now in its second printing.

He is presently a semi-retired civil trial attorney living with his family in Misquamicut, Rhode Island.



Jim Kirker





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