First Prize is Nothing

by Jim Kirker

The Adventures of Shamus O'Malley

The Prophecy of Light

Irish folklore comes alive in this tale of two worlds, one real...the other magical.

      Shamus O'Malley, a leprechaun, takes us on a fast-paced adventure filled with suspense, courage and faith. All the while Christy, a very sick little girl, faces her own challenges with the same courage and faith. Christy's grandfather, Papa O'Shaughnessey, bravely bridges and bonds both worlds together in this timeless and heartwarming adventure that's "sure to steal you heart away."

Today's children face many difficult choices at a very young age. The lessons brought to life by The Adventures of Shamus O'Malley are designed for children ages six to fourteen. Young boys and girls readily respond to the The Adventures of Shamus O'Malley, as evidence by the comments of New York grade school students Kelly Zielinski and Phillip Marasuilo:

"Your book inspired me. It made me think about the love of others...if people care enough for each other, we can work together and hopefully make things better."

"...your book showed me that you should never give up and always have hope... The book helps kids to have hope and keeps their imagination alive."

The Adventures of Shamus O'Malley allows working parents and busy teachers a timely and entertaining way to instill basic values and self-esteem in today's children. As the world renowned educator and statesman, Reverend Theodore M. Hesburgh, C.S.C., President Emeritus of the University of Notre Dame stated after reading The Adventures of Shamus O'Malley:

"...this book...teaches faith in God, belief in oneself, our common need for help from others and perhaps most important of all, miracles do really happen."

The Adventures of Shamus O'Malley is a perfect gift to share with a child you know and love, and the young of heart of all ages... A book for the child in you, and the child in your life.


Shamus O'Malley Book cover

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