First Prize is Nothing

by Jim Kirker


In “FIRST PRIZE IS NOTHING”, Jim Kirker has managed to realistically convey the culture of the Cold War Submarine Service!   As a retired Chief Petty Officer, I spent several years of my life, underway on nuclear power, and believe this to be the most accurate portrayal of that environment I have ever read.  While this claims to be a work of Fiction, the politics, perspectives and actions described herein are quite factual and brought back memories, frustrations and fears that time had softened. CERTAINLY ONE OF THE BEST FAST PACED THRILLERS THAT’S COME OUT IN A LONG TIME  !!      

     TMC(SS) WILLIAM S. MITCHELL USN (RET.) Owner: Premier Freight LLC, Salem, Indiana 12/2007

As a former employee of Electric Boat in the early 1950’s I worked on the first Nautilus and always wondered what the patrols would be like.  First Prize is Nothing opened my eyes and my heart to the brave submariners who were our first line of defense during the cold war.  The descriptions put me on the boat “the USS Marion” with a real time feeling.  Keep up the good work.

    Herb Fishman, B.C.E., M. Met. E. Construction Consultants. Hartford, CT 12/07


     “Bravo! This is a winner that will sell itself as folks read it and start talking about it. The ending is superb and wraps the story up with page turning brilliance.
     This is right up there with Tom Clancy and Vince Flynn. I was unable to put the book down until I finished it this morning. Thrilling to say the least -Good show!!!!"
John Bailey: Palm Beach, Fla. - Entrepreneur 12/2007

"What an awesome book!! You have certainly made history most interesting, even bone chilling.  First Prize is a book that gives you so much to ponder and has rekindled my interest in key historical events and leaders.  It was a page turner that I was reluctant to put down."
     Ellen Brown: Pawcatuck, CT -Certified Yoga instructor & Cranio Sacral Therapist 2/2008

"I really enjoyed reading FIRST PRIZE and was very impressed with your technical knowledge and seamen's appreciation of a warship!  Additionally, I thought the novel's well constructed approach to capturing the political dynamics and subculture within the U.S. Navy was on the mark. Many of the stereotypes you described are still alive and well in today's Navy. FIRST PRIZE was very entertaining and I look forward to the next project."
    Pat DeQuattro 2/2008